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The best selling hair fiber product

We are making a big announcement for every men and women who are suffering from hair loss and thinning hair line problem. Fix-o-Fit Products are officially available online where you can choose the best suitable product according to your hair color and get rid of your hair loss problem instantly.

Fix-O-Fit works on small bald areas where you are seeing thinning hair line and your scalp is showing through. It easily settles on the scalp and matches your hair color causing the scalp to disappear. This hair concealer smoothly coats a layer of artificial hair fibers on the head, giving fullness to your head. Fix-O-Fit results are instant.


It contains miniature fibers that when sprinkled on the bald spots of the head get electro statically attached to your hair, thus giving a natural look to you just in an instant. It thickens and increases the volume near thin hair. It thus hides bare scalp from direct view.

Settle-All Day Long

It helps the fiber settle on your hair effectively for about a day. After applying this you can do any style you like with your hair. You can use gels, balms, dryers and curlers, etc. but the fibers won’t come off.

Rinse-Take a Break

It is a shampoo that nourishes the fibers and the hair follicles. It rinses the attached fibers out and prepares the hair for the next session of its use. Rinsing is required to replenish the hair with its electrostatic charge.

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Something About Us

Hair Fiber Online is all in one solution for all your Hair related problems. Whether you want to cover bald patches or want to overcome your Hair thinning Problems, we have a unique range of Hair fiber products which can be used by any men or women suffering from hair loss and thinning hair line problem. 

As a customer, we too understand how important a person’s image is and how it affects his overall persona, self confidence, in particular his own attitude and the happiness they carry by their look. We realize the stress of hair loss which can ultimately change the look of a person in general. As a solution, we came up with variety of product offerings on Hair building fiber which can help to overcome problems like baldness, thinning of Hair and many more related problems.

Visualize gaining the confidence you had before your hair started thinning. Or, even about feeling young and look good by reducing or eliminating your bald spot? Now you can do all that and look great with our product offering like Toppik products, Nanogen products, Fix-O-Fit hair fibers and many more....

Bringing together the experience of highly qualified professionals and implementing the latest technology, Hair Fiber online now brings together the best products merely at your doorstep at wholesale prices via online Shopping. You can have an advantage of gaining great discounts in all in one shopping cart with bulk purchases done online and Free Shipping service exclusively in India on all fiber products.

We understand how vulnerable you feel when you realize about your hair loss. Men and women experience the same level of anger over something that is out of your control. With Hair building Fiber, you can ease your concern and can manage your appearance. You can take advantage of our effective services and use of such exclusive products, which can result in tremendous benefit of getting that thick, natural, full head of hair look that you, desire.

You can explore our online website and browse variety of products offered by us. The products offered are great for both, men and women. Hair Fiber online offers exclusive shopping experience with great discounts on bulk purchases and free shipping services in India on all Hair fiber products.

You can even reach our proficient team of expert nutritionists and product counselors who can guide you to choose the right product and services through emails and phones.