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Nanogen Hair Fiber Product

If you thinking you’re the only one, that’s not true. Thinning of hair is incredibly common. According to researchers up to 50% of men and women suffer from the problems of thinning of hair at different stages of life. Obliviously these are the times when you think having gorgeous healthy shiny hair would make you feel more confident and attractive.

Thus Nanogen has come up with full range of products that can help you look as well as feel great. Be it problems of hair thinning, hair conditions, growth, instant hair glow, or just hair improving, Nanogen will work it out for you.

What are Nanogen Products?

There are abundant choices when it comes to hair care. Market is full of wide ranges of products available when it comes to hair thinning, damaged hair, hair loss, oily scalp, dandruff problems, hair fall, and scalp irritation. Thus it becomes very important to actually consider what product to take under consideration.

Amongst all this, Nanogen products are charged with static electricity. They tend to bond with your hair fibres like a tree pattern. This makes your hair fibres stay at one place all day long even during windy or rainy days. Also they don’t stain or smear around the neck areas and can be easily washed with a shampoo.

How Nanogen Product works?

Nanogen fibres are very easily to apply. So even if you are a fresher to hair fibre products, Nanogen makes it convenient for you to apply their products without messing around by simply shaking the container all over your thinning areas. This releases millions of microscopic hair fibres which incredibly matches to your hair colour (with wide range of colour options) giving you the naturally shinning looking hair with extra bounce.

What are Special Features of Nanogen Products?

  • Nanogen fibres come with a simple application which makes the application process easy and can be applied simply by shaking the product over required areas.
  • Nanogen fibres are extremely natural and keep your hair out of chemical damage and scalp irritations.
  • As Nanogen hair fibres are charged with static electricity, they keep your hair intact all day long.
  • Nanogen Products come in all sizes including travel packs for your convenience.
  • Nanogen fibres come in wide range of colours to suit your colour preferences.


Nanogen v/s others:

The question arises to why Nanogen fibres are far better than other hair fibres? Well it is not surprising that there are many brands who imitate Nanogen fibre because of its uniqueness. They offer many advantages over other products available. Even hair experts agree that Nanogen fibres offer much better results when it comes to dealings with problems of hair loss.

Quite Impressive:

Nanogen definitely stands out above all as the most impressive product ever. Heavy fibres, Colour matching, Dye locking, Electrostatic charge binding are some unique and interesting features of Nanogen which makes it not only best but the leading hair fibres.

Today Nanogen fibres are the most popular products all over the world and continue to develop since their invention decade ago. This makes them the finest of hair camouflage available.

Before and after pictures of Nagogen fibres realistic pictures are quite impressive and leave a remarkable impression of their products. Trusted by worldwide dermatologists, it’s safe, easy and most economical product.


10 Tips That Helps Your Prevent Hair Loss

A perfectly groomed hair enhances your overall personality and also tells about your health. For a healthy scalp, proper care is required from the beginning. If you neglect your hair problems for too long, they may turn brittle, have split-ends, dandruff and ultimately hair loss.

Studies shows that more than 80% of hair loss happens because of genetic problems but other factors like diet, vitamins deficiency, hormonal imbalance, over use of chemical products can be the reasons for hair loss. Though hair fall is not a serious problem still it can damage your self confidence in long run. There is no permanent solution for hair loss but it is possible to take some preventive measures to get a healthy and shining hair.

Tips for healthy hair:

  1. Good Diet: A nutritious diet contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals which help in preventing hair loss. So, include green leafy vegetables, whole grain cereals, oats, dates, nuts, fish and eggs in your diets. Hair is made from protein, so it’s advisable to have a protein rich diet for a stronger hair. Vitamin E boosts the hair growth in body which you can get for nuts. Even after having a healthy diet you suffer from a hair fall problem, get a thyroid balance checkup done as it can be the main reason for your hair loss.
  2. Hair Wash: Cleansing your hair mainly depends upon the hair type. If you have oily hair, washing them on alternate days is advisable, but for dry hair washing once in 3 days is advisable. Never wash your hair with too hot or too cold water. Always massage your scalp with finger tips and not your nails as it can damage the roots of hair.
  3. Combing: Use a wide tooth comb if your hair is wet or tangled in downward direction.  Using a good comb which not so sharp ends is advisable as brushing improves the blood circulation on scalp.
  4. Drying hair: Try drying your hair naturally instead of using blow dryers. The hot air can damage your hair making them coarse and brittle.
  5. Use of conditioner: For protection and locking moisture in your hair condition is very much required after every wash. A good conditioner acts as a shield on your hair from the sun, salty water and chlorine. Use a hat or scarf when you go out in the sun. Apply needed amount of conditioner after swimming to make your hair softer.
  6. Hair Mask: With the regular washing and changing season, our hair loses its moisture. Use natural mask like curd on your hair to make them soft and shiner. If you are having dandruff problems, mix few drops of lemon juice before applying on the scalp.
  7. Choosing Hair Style: Wear the hair style which suits your personality and lifestyle. Too much using of hair-styling products can do permanent damage on the hair. Even hair styling serums contains alcohol which makes your hair more dry and frizzy.
  8. Sleeping Pattern: The studies show that hair breakage also depends upon the sleeping pattern on people.  If you are having a restless sleep often, you are more prone to get a hair loss. Also it’s good to brush your hair and remove all the clips or hair bands before sleeping.
  9. Avoid Alcohol and Smoking: Reducing alcohol consumption can prevent hair loss to a great extent. Even smoking can cause hair loss and even damage the hair making them look dry and brittle.
  10. Avoid use of Chemicals: Repeatedly going for hair color, perms or straightening can harm your hair growth and texture. Therefore try coloring your hair in 2 to 4 months to avoid its harsh effects.

It’s best to take care of your hair naturally than going for an artificial product as these styling products can give you the look you want but temporary but hair damage will be there for a long time. These tips given above work better to prevent hair loss and helps make your hair become stronger and healthier in the long run.

But unfortunately there are many among us for whom these tips don’t work anymore. Luckily we at HairFiberOnline.com bring you a wide range of hair building fiber products from famous brands such as Toppik, Fix-o-Fit, Nanogen, Hair So Real, Hair Plus etc.

So if you are suffering from great hair loss or thin hair or bald patches then try out the products at HairFiberOnline.