Toppik hair fiber product

Here we will show you how toppik hair fibers will help you to build your hair very quick and fast.

Looking for hair loss treatment that really works, Toppik is the best invented product that works miracles when it comes to treatments for hair thinning or hair balding. Our hair is made up of natural organic kerain protein, so is Toppik made of. Toppik products are specially charged with static electricity so that they safe bond with your hair. Toppik fibers stay in place all day and all night just by shaking once. It is the ‘secret weapon’ opted by millions of people around the globe.

People have tried various types of hair loss regimen over the years. Toppik works marvellous when it comes to any type of hair loss concealers in today’s market. Usually any cosmetic cover ups sounds a bit sceptical, but Toppik products are by far the most reputed hair loss product online which are highly recommended by dermatologist. This is it. Your ‘secret weapon’ is all ready for you to never turn back to all your hair loss problems and you will be proud of your choices made.

Generally, people suffering from baldness lack confidence. Toppik builds your hair as well as confidence. Application of Toppik products is really simple. Choose the colour matching your original hair colour and apply it. Of course you can also any other colour you like. Based on reviews and peoples personal experiences, the best way to apply Toppik is through applicator which is sold separately as well as directly from the Toppik bottle itself. Just make sure there is less air flow in the room so that fibers do not fly everywhere.

Just follow these simple steps of your ‘secret weapon’:

  • Dry up your hair. For better results style your hair before.
  • For balder surfaces, lift the bottle 3 to 4 inches above your head and directly shake the bottle spreading it vertically.
  • For the front hair, spray with the applicator as you can easily lift your front hair line.
  • For back areas, shake until the entire back area is covered. You can also use an extra smaller mirror just to make sure entire crown is covered, while shaking the bottle in the right direction.
  • Use wider comb
  • You can use fiber hold sprays for better results. Avoid using gels or creams as it might mess it all up.
  • Holding your spray 10 inches away evenly covers your hair.


Isn’t it easy? Just few simple steps and you’re done. Whaoo! Now there is no need to take hours to cover your bald spots anymore. Initially it might seem a bit difficult. But with 3 or 4 applications you will master the art. Then within 4 minutes or even faster you can be just ready to flaunt your new hair-do with a better and bigger confidence.

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