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Fix-O-Fit hair fiber FAQs

What are Fix-o-Fit fibers made of?
Ans.: Fix-o-Fit hair fibers are made of pure, high-quality keratin protein. It’s the same thing your hairs are made of. There are no harmful dyes or other materials at all.

Are Fix-o-Fit hair fibers natural?
Ans.: Yes, these fibers are completely natural. The keratin is collected from natural organic wool sources.

Does Fix-o-Fit causes any harm?
Ans.: No, it is a natural and tested product. It causes no harm to your health or skin.

Does it affects natural hair-growth?
Ans.: No, it has nothing to do with hair growth. It makes no influence on growing hairs.

Can I use Fix-o-Fit with other medications for hair growth?
Ans.: Yes, it is designed to be safe with all medication and yet is the best cosmetic solution for your hair problems. Still, we recommend to consult your doctor/physician for specific suggestions.

Who can use Fix-o-Fit?
Ans.: Anyone who is suffering from thinning hair or gray-root problems.

Why it cannot fall on my shoulders?
Ans.: It is charged electrostatic to stick with your hairs. Thus, it would never fall unless you use some shampoo.

How to apply hair fibers?
Ans.: These fibers are amazingly simple to apply. You just have to choose the matching shade and apply it. For detailed instructions click here.

How long it takes to apply Fix-o-Fit?
Ans.: Even less than 30 seconds. As soon as you apply the hair fibers in affected areas, you can see the hairs whelming up.

Can I apply it to wet hairs?
Ans.: No, it should always be applied to dry hairs so that it can settle in the right place easily. With wet hairs these fiber can stick with each other which will ruin your look.

What if it’s raining; will it stay in place?
Ans.: These fibers have electrostatic energy to stick in the place. They will not leave your hairs in rainfall.

How can I remove Fix-o-Fit from my hairs?
Ans.: Use Rinse to wash away the fibers. It a nourishing shampoo that can be used daily.

Can I use other styling products with Fix-o-Fit?
Ans.: With Fix-o-Fit you can use any of these styling products e.g. dryers, balm, curlers, gels etc.
P.S. it is recommended to use these products before applying Fix-o-Fit for better results.

In what shades Fix-o-Fit is available?
Ans.: Nowadays it’s available in three shades- Black, Dark brown and medium brown. However, we are stepping forward to avail more color choices.

Can I mix two different shades of Fix-o-Fit?
Ans.: Yes, it is always recommended to mix different shades so that you can get the perfect match of your hairs. You can directly mix them in your hairs.
Free tip: Use the light shade first and then apply the dark one over it.

Is there any side-effect of using Fix-o-Fit hair fibers?
Ans.: No, there is no harm in using Fix-o-Fit hair fibers. You can use it without any fear. (It’s for external use only and can harm if you intake it.)

Can it cover/hide the gray-roots?
Ans.: Yes, it can completely hide the gray-roots or regrowth. It is the easiest remedy for the problem.

Where can I get Fix-o-Fit?
Ans.: You can order online here